• DirectorPaul Ruven
  • CastNoel Deelen, Uriah Arnhem
  • Status Released

Son of Scarface

Robbie goes to Hollywood in search of his real father: Al Pacino

Robbie has always known that Scarface is his father: during a promotional tour in the Netherlands, Robbie’s mother had an affair with him. Now she is dying of cancer, Robbie wants to find his father to reunite him with his mother.

With his best friend – and no-good manager – Raoul, he travels to Hollywood to search for Al Pacino – and fame. They encounter many people, from Scarface’s boss actor Robert Loggia to porn star Ron Jeremy – but will they find Al Pacino before it’s too late?

Thirty years after Scarface, Son of Scarface is a hilarious mockumentary about the modern preoccupation with fame and the glorification of the gangster lifestyle.