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Talent United initiates, develops and (co-)produces film, television and other media for the Dutch and international market.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn

This story of Ernest Hemingway of just 6 words has everything in it. Talent United believes in stories for film, television and other media that have it all. And we believe that each project has its own perfect mix of talent necessary to be successful. We initiate, develop and (co-)produce film, television and other media for the Dutch and international market. This website gives an idea of ongoing and completed projects. Member of European Film Academy, NAPA, DAFF (Dutch Academy For Film) and member of the International Emmy Awards jury.

“It is the team”

Famous words. So true. It’s the magic of the team and the collaboration with each other, that makes the production. Experience in the world of film, TV series, and documentary is essential.

Emmy nominated CEO Paul Ruven started his career 25 years ago at the Dutch Film Academy, where he co-wrote “Alaska”, which won the Academy Award for best foreign student film. 3 Golden Calf Awards (“the Dutch Oscar”) and 1 Rembrandt Award for the most admissions for a Dutch film in one year (more then 1 million), 3 Golden Film Awards for more than 150.000 cinema visitors, as well as many selections and awards at international Film Festivals, such as Berlin (2 times), Rotterdam, a retrospective at Karlo Vivary Film Festival. Creative producer of a successful Dutch crime series (setting up the first season, co-writing 13 episodes and filming it, from scratch until broadcasting for a average 1.3 million viewers within 12 months). Producer of more than 60 titles. Netflix acquired the world wide rights of “My best friend Anne Frank”, which he co-produced and co-wrote. “Whitebread” (2022 – Dutch title “De Tatta’s”) was the best visited Dutch film in years.