• DirectorPaul Ruven
  • WritersMarian Batavier, Paul Ruven
  • CastMax Croes, Golda de Leon, Gonny Gaakeer
  • GenreDrama/Mystery, Thriller
  • Year2019
  • Status Released

A Risky Revenge

Utah Film Festival wrote:

This is a film with social relevance. A Risky Revenge is set in today’s society where no woman is safe. This is a very smart and original creation. This film will open your mind about the daily struggles of women. Sometimes, it’s just a stranger on the street, other times it is someone from work, and sometimes it is someone in her family. Each attack and each harassment brings trauma and damage in the overall well-being of women. I personally think that a lot of women can identify to this film. Well, maybe, except using violence for revenge. But the part about it’s time to fight back and to seek justice by speaking out and being heard.

There are two major goals this film is trying to communicate. First, to make everyone aware of what most women and children, especially girls, are facing in their everyday lives. This does not mean that it is an appeal to pity so women and children can be given special treatment.

The second goal is about telling every woman and every little child who has been through any kind of abuse that they are not alone. There are so many other people out there who had a similar experience and are willing to help. It is okay to feel afraid or ashamed but you can reach out to someone when you are ready to talk about it.

The film’s screenplay is so peculiarly done, you’ll never be able to guess how the movie would turn out. It is amazing how the story evolved from its beginning to the end. It started with an inexplicable introduction. The music was a great addition too. Then, it progressed to very mind-blowing scenes in the middle. The twist and the ending were as thrilling as it was in the middle of the story. This is one of those films where you should never miss a thing because you would not be able to appreciate the film’s entirety if you do.

The musical score is definitely the best. The pieces used made the scenes even more unique and gripping.

The female lead deserves to be commended. She is impressive enough being fluent in English and Mandarin. She exudes confidence, independence and intelligence which made her especially fitting for the role. Her best scene, probably, is when she thanked all the women who trusted her and gave her the opportunity to fight back for them.

Overall cinematography was uniquely beautiful. The lighting used was appropriate in the movie. The different camera angles used like the bird’s eye shot in the scene when the female lead was getting revenge against a filmmaker who is an abuser and the shot inside the cab are the easily best-loved scenes because these shots are very well-used in the movie.

This movie should be recommended to be watched by everyone. It contains sensitive issues that should stop being a taboo and should, instead, be discussed more. So, for this, most especially, the creators deserve to be commended because making this film’s production is such a brave act.

poster A Risky Revenge